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End Of The Tether -- By Joseph Conrad

Thumbnail End of the Tether -- By Joseph Conrad
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The sacred edifice, standing in solemn isolation amongst the converging avenues of enormous trees, as if to put grave thoughts of heaven into the hours of...

David Copperfield - Charles Dickens - Zip

Thumbnail David Copperfield  -  Charles Dickens - zip
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Synopsis: 'I really think I have done it ingeniously and with a very complicated interweaving of truth and fiction.' So wrote Dickens of David Copperfield (1850), the...

A Straight Deal - Owen Wister - Zip

Thumbnail A Straight Deal  -  Owen Wister - zip
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1921. Wister, an American writer whose stories helped to establish the cowboy as an archetypical, individualist hero. In a Straight Deal Wister examines British/American relations and...

A Simple Soul - Gustave Flaubert - Zip

Thumbnail A Simple Soul  -  Gustave Flaubert - zip
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A SIMPLE SOUL By Gustave Flaubert For half a century the housewives of Pont-l'Eveque had envied Madame Aubain her servant Felicite. For a hundred francs a year, she cooked and...